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Christmas Decoration Voting Ballot 2017

Judging will be based on (4) categories.

Public voting will be December 11 – 18.  Ballots for voting will be available at the White Pigeon Township office, online at www.whitepigeontwp.com, Facebook, Hair Styles Etc., Sturgis Banking Center in White Pigeon and the White Pigeon Township Library.

Deadline for public voting will be December 18, 2017 @ 4pm.

Winners will be announced December 22.

Thank you to the following businesses for donating to our Christmas Decorating Contest:

In- Between Restaurant, Rachel’s, Country Table, Wagoner’s Grocery, Fisher Bait & Tackle, and McCarthy’s Insurance.


…..PET Burials…..

The White Pigeon Township would like to announce the opening of their new “Pet Cemetery”.  For more information stop by the Township Office or give Jean a call at the office during regular business hours.

…..Are You Old Enough to Remember…..

Newville Cemetery, White Pigeon Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan.

Recently our Township received information about the Village of Newville which was established two miles east of White Pigeon in 1828 by either the three Phelps brothers or Dr. Hubbel Loomis, a local doctor and first judge of probate of St. Joseph County, depending on the reference.

Newville was a thriving community which boasted a wayside inn, a blacksmith and shoemaker’s shop by 1829.  Dr. Loomis established the county’s first medical office in the village but soon moved into White Pigeon.  A log cabin became the site of the first school organized in St. Joseph County and also housed the first organized religious society, a Methodist class, which later also moved to White Pigeon in 1830.

Newville Cemetery was established at a location which is presently the corner of US-12 and Sevison road, 2 miles east of White Pigeon.  The cemetery was known to have had burials in that location prior t 1831 but use was later abandoned.  Newville “passed into oblivion…..leaving not a wreck behind” due to the more successful White Pigeon Village nearby.

It is unknown what happened to the Newville Cemetery headstones or people buried at this site.  Jim Kulp, who was sexton of White Pigeon Township a number of years, was unaware of this cemetery.

If you have information or stories about the area that you would like to see on our website, please bring or send them to our office.

…..LifeCare Ambulance Membership Program…..

LifeCare Ambulance Service is the ambulance service contracted by St. Joseph County Ambulance Committee to provide ambulance service to our community.  MemberCare is a subscription program offered by LifeCare Ambulance Service that covers out-of-pocket expenses for medically necessary ambulance service.

How MemberCare Works:

  • It costs $38 to join, and is good for the next 12 months.
  • It covers a person, their spouse and any other legal dependents living in the household.
  • If you need ambulance service, LifeCare will bill Medicare or your insurance company for any medically necessary ambulance trips to the closest, appropriate medical facility.  Any co-pays and deductibles your insurer requires you to pay for ambulance service are covered by MemberCare, and you are not responsible for paying those amounts.
  • Your membership becomes effective 3 days after receipt of payment and a signed membership agreement.

MemberCare Benefits

  • An emergency ambulance trip costs over $800.  Most insurance policies are requiring higher co-pays and deductibles.  With MemberCare, you have no out-of-pocket expense for medically necessary ambulance service.
  • Medically necessary ambulance trips that are not covered by insurance, are rendered at 20% discount from regular rates.
  • Covers ground services provide by LifeCare Ambulance Services, within its entire service area to or from local and regional hospitals.
  • Peace of mind – you never know when an emergency may happen to you or your family.

You can sign up at LifeCare’s website: www.lifecareems.org

For more information, Call 1-800-267-1161

…..Flood Insurance…..

On 7/6/2012 Congress enacted the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Reform Act of 2012.  It is often referred to as Biggert-Waters or BW-12.  It requires changes to the NFIP to occur.  One is the elimination of existing flood insurance subsidies resulting in higher costs to most policy holders (some significantly).

If you would like more information about these changes and what you can do to help save you dollars in insurances costs.  Go to the FEMA Biggert Waters resource page of http://www.fema.gov/national-flood-insurance-program/flood-insurance-reform-act-2012 is a good source of informationfact sheets for all to use.


Cemetery Gravesites and Opening for Burials may now be paid by debit or credit card.  Call the Township office for more information.


Klinger Lake Association–meet the 2nd Monday @ 7:30 pm April-October

White Pigeon Downtown Association–meet the 1st Thursday of each month @5:00 pm @ the Tasty Nut Shop–269-483-7909

White Pigeon Township Library–meet the 4th Monday of each month @ 5:30 pm @ the Township Library–269-483-7409

White Pigeon Lions Club–meet the 2nd & 4th Wednesday @ 7:00 pm @ Rachells Resturant–269-501-8293

White Pigeon School Board–meet the 1st & 3rd Wednesday @ 6:30 pm–269-483-7676

White Pigeon Township Board–meet the 1st Tuesday @ 7:00 pm @ the Township Hall–269-483-7043

Parks & Recreation

White Pigeon Parks & Recreation is excited to offer many Summer programs for children to participate in….including soccer, Camp Fort Hill, swimming lessons & tennis.  Check out our website at www.wpparks.organd join us on Facebook to keep up-to-date on all our happenings.  Also, be sure to visit our booth at White Pigeon Days and help us raise funds to improve our Little League Program.

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