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WPFD Chief

.....NO BURN PERMITS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE FROM THE STATE OF MICHIGAN..... .....SMOLDERING FIRES..... Due to an increase of on going smoldering fires.  Smoldering fires will no longer be tolerated. If a complaint is received, fire personnel will respond and ask that the fire be put out and response fees may apply. .....BURN PERMITS..... Remember to

Message from the Supervisor

.....IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM THE SANITARY DEPARTMENT..... Do not flush anything down your toilets except toilet paper.  No disinfecting wipes, no baby wipes,  or no hand sanitizing wipes.  Must be biodegradable only. .....APRIL 7, 2020 MEETING..... The regular meeting of the White Pigeon Township, April 7, 2020 @ 7 P.M. that was previously canceled will now